Web App Developnment


Web App Developnment

Efficient and robust as it is, the world oof Internet could prove to be a quite formidable challenge for business owners to promote their brands, reach target audience with their products and services online. One of the most essential components required for e-commerce success is web application development and that is why it is considered crucial. After all, in the modern 21st century business environment, the most convenient way for you to reach the farthest corner of this world is through web app or mobile app.
Using a website as its central portal for access, a web application enables businesses to target and reach potential and existing client-base easily and quickly than ever. Web applications play an essential role in making the online transactions possible in the present cyber space.

Static Web Applications

Users can only read the information in these kinds of apps and that is it. No other type of interaction is possible here. These apps are used only when the information requires no more modifications.

  • Cost effective apps
  • Takes much less time to load
  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Content updates are limited
  • Dynamic Web Applications

    Dynamic web applications generate the data in real time, as per the request of the user. After the web server obtains a request for a dynamic page, the page is passed to a software which is called the application server.

  • Updated contents can be provided to users
  • Complex app to design
  • CGI, ASP, JSP, ASP.NET, PHP etc. are used
  • Customization is available
  • Single Page Applications

    Single page applications are smooth and pretty fast. These apps are easy to develop, debug & deploy. Users do not have to navigate to different pages; all the contents are loaded on one single page.

  • Faster than traditional web application
  • These apps can be used offline
  • Most HTML, CSS or Scripts resources are loaded once
  • Less immune to cross-site scripting
  • Multi Page Applications

    These applications are traditional web applications that can reload the entire page and displays a new one when one user moves to a completely another page. A new page can be requested from the server to display in a web browser.

  • Better SEO ranking chances
  • No page limitations
  • Take longer time to develop, maintenance and update
  • Can be a bit slow in speed