Mobile App Developnment


Mobile App Developnment

There are more than 3.5 billion of global population regularly use smart mobile phones and therefore there is no doubt that this industry is thriving. Stats are growing fast and steady and according to studies each people look at cell phones in every 12 minutes. According to another research with the advancement of the technology people are losing patience and therefore they need everything instantly at their fingertips and mobile devices offer exactly that instant gratification in the digital world.
In 2021, the industry of mobile app development is going through a transformative phase. As the new micro-processing technologies emerged, now one can run mobile applications on multiple different platforms. For example, apps built for mobiles will be running seamlessly on desktops within a few years or less. That is the reason why businesses are showing more interest in mobile apps as the future of the business success depends on the mobile apps.

Native Mobile Applications

All native applications are built using the advanced tools and SDKs which are offered by platform owners like Apple and Google. These native apps run natively on all the platforms of your choice.

  • Best runtime performance
  • Building and Maintaining cost is relatively high
  • Features are implemented differently
  • Platform’s data is directly used
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

    These applications can be written on different programming languages. Then they are compiled for each platform separately.

  • Single code for multiple platforms
  • Unified user experience
  • Third party open-sourced library
  • The code is compiled & bridged
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications

    Hybrid Applications are built using the latest technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and then bundled for the required platforms. Hybrid Apps work using web containers using browser runtime.

  • Codebase is shared between mobile apps and website
  • Web development tools are used
  • Built using web development technologies
  • For native devices little or no support
  • Progressive Web Applications

    They don’t require native or cross-platform development. These apps skip the traditional app delivery channels along with app store installation feature. They work inside the browser across all devices. A link is gener ally added to the mobile device in the form of an app icon. These are basically web applications that can also run smoothly on mobile.

  • They can run on both, mobile and web
  • No need to install the app
  • They run using the browser’s capability
  • Without network connection interactivity is lost